Deck Veneer


Composite Deck Resurfacing Veneer

Creative Style Composites Inc (CSCI) deck veneer products carry a 15 year limited residential warranty when installed in a residential situation, against manufacturer and workmanship defects when used under normal conditions and installed in accordance with Manufacturer’s installation instructions to the owner of the home at the time of purchase and installation, as long as they continually own the home for the period of the warranty. Consult your original packaging for the warranty time specific to the product you have purchased. Note that you must retain an original label of the product purchased which denotes your warranty duration, as well as the UPC code and your original receipt of purchase. This warranty is not transferable. Manufacturer’s warranty and liability does not extend beyond the deck veneer planks and is limited to a maximum value of the original purchase price. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the deck veneer planks at the sole option of the manufacturer. The warranty does not include removal, labor or installation costs. Claim compensation (if approved and/or authorised by CSCI is limited to the specific area which CSCI deems to be valid under the claim.

* CSCI products are not designed to resist, reduce, delay or in any way prevent mold, mildew, rot or water damage to the wood decking in the area of installation or in any other area of the home or building where the Creative Style Composite products were installed.

CSCI does not warrant against and is not responsible for movement, distortion, collapse, settling or any other failure of the ground, supporting structure or wood decking supporting the deck veneer. CSCI will not warrant against adhesive failure.

This warranty does not cover and specifically excludes such damages as: indentations, scratches, dents, pet damages, stains (dirt, grease, oil or harsh chemicals found in cleaners), normal wear and tear, erosion, pebbles, stones, sand, all other abrasives, insects, rot, mould, mildew, bacteria, lack of maintenance, weather conditions (any colored surface will fade, flake, chalk or accumulate dirt and stains), pollution, fire, water, high humidity, excessive dryness, natural disasters, excessive heat, heating and air-conditioning systems, accident, improper installation or handling, cleaning, negligence or other causes not attributed to manufacturing or workmanship defects, failure to adhere to and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance and incorrect or insufficient maintenances. Any modification to the product other than as outlined in the manufacturer’s installation instructions will render the warranty null and void.

The warranty excludes claims due to the development of naturally occurring flaws, stresses, warpage, cracks, split ends or other flaws which manifest over time, whether or not caused by age, low or high humidity, seasonal humidity changes or other natural causes. This warranty does not cover natural contraction or expansion, whether or not caused by excessively low or high humidity. Nor does this warranty cover secondary damages caused by wood deck board expansion or installation environment where the panels are to be installed.

This warranty excludes noises of all types (creaks, squeaks, etc) emanating from the deck.

This warranty excludes bows in boards: this may occur seasonally due to changes in relative humidity.

The warranty excludes claims due to changes in color from exposures to light, or to areas which have not changed due to less exposure to light than surrounding areas.

The original purchaser is responsible for correct installation, maintenance and cleaning.

It is important to note that extruded wood plastic composites can have natural flaws & manufacturing flaws up to 5% and that the manufacturer cannot guarantee exact color matches from one piece to the next. Natural flaws & manufacturing flaws up to 5% are not considered as manufacturer’s defects under this warranty.

Extruded wood plastic composites can have natural color, grain variations; color, grain variations are not considered as manufacturer’s defects under this warranty. This warranty excludes claims due to differences in the color and character from display models and literature, as well as differences in color and character from piece to piece.